Doing What I Want!

So I was a EP member last year, but I had to stop posting my stories because of my jealous boyfriend. I told stories about him, and everything else happening in my life. However everything has changed now. I left my boyfriend of eight years, I moved to a different city, and I moved away from everybody who has hurt me in the past. My ex started playing the boss of me. He started to hit me, strangle me, broke me down mentally. It was one big nightmare and it was just getting worse. The situation with his parents weren't getting better either. They tried to be nice sometimes, but I was never good enough for their son. My parents and I weren't talking anymore after my father stole my policy money. I had no friends left, I gave everything and everyone up for my boyfriend. After I realised that life can't be like this, I left my boyfriend. It was te hardest thing I had ever done. The week after I left him I couldn't eat, sleep, laugh, nothing. The one lady at work called me in and said I should move in with her and her children and get out of that place. So the next day I moved in with her, leaving everybody behind. That was 7 months ago, I haven't cried since. Never been sad or heartbroken since. I'm enjoying life, being who I want to be. I have a new boyfriend now, we've been dating 20 days now. We became best friends two months ago. I never knew this was how it is supposed to feel to have a boyfriend. In this two months of being best friend and 20 days of being together, he has never made me sad of feel bad about myself. He is great friends with my friends and my friends always go on about how great we are together and they want the same type of relationship one day. My life changed drastically, but it was for the best. I'm loving life!!
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

Much too young to go through all that. Glad you escaped.