Gnarly Road Rash

I have a pretty fast entry level racing Raleigh Sport road bicycle that I really like to move on. I can get kind of reckless/fearless sometimes, so in combination with a tendency to have a lot of accidents (I am clumsy and count that I have 15 bruises right now...) it was not too surprising that I wrecked my bike.

I was biking to my friend's house late at night and riding on a long stretch of road that had no stop signs. I was of course using a front and back light. As I said, I like to go pretty fast and since there were no stop signs, I was hunched over the bars and in a hard gear and in the zone to get to my friend's place quickly. I approached the intersection at 66th street (my friend lives at 69th) and a truck coming from my left decided not to stop at its stop sign. I swerved to miss the truck, over corrected, swiped the curb and braked too hard, causing me to fly headfirst over the handlebars. My chin took all the impact, and the force of the blow shattered three of my front teeth on the top row. My face then smacked and skidded across the pavement, blackening my eye, fracturing the inner orbital wall of my eye socket, ripping out my two lip rings and of course shredding lots of the skin on my nose, cheek, lips, and chin. I also landed on my right hand and somehow didn't break it, just got some more rash there. This is the part of the story that I don't really remember, but the next part I do kind of remember...

I am not sure if I black out or not... I am definitely in shock. The truck driver doesn't stop, but speeds off. A car eventually rolls up and stops and I am sitting in the road, bleeding badly, toothless and pretty badly disfigured. I stand up and tell the people matter of factly that I am okay and that I will just walk down to my friend's house because she only lives a few blocks away. I get my bike and start to walk that way, but stagger and fall down. The people from the car probably knew that was going to happen, so they just continue walking with me.

I try and call my friend, but she is having a party and doesn't hear the phone. I call some other people but they don't answer... it is late at night, around 3 am. I finally get a hold of my roommate and calmly explain to him that I have wrecked my bike and that I think I should get a ride to the hospital and he says that he is on the way. I am starting to feel less calm and I am starting to realize that I am bleeding badly and I also feel the pain and I also see in the reflection of the car mirror how jacked up my face looks.

I am starting to have a panic attack (which I have semi regularly anyway). The lady is very upset, she is covering her mouth with her hands. "Please don't be upset," I beg her, because this will definitely upset me more, but I can't talk very well... my lips are very swollen, I am wousy and in shock and my teeth are gone... some shards of them stuck inside my lips along with some gravel and asphalt... and I am panicking. There are more people here now, I am not sure how many but they are all in their nightgowns and they are all upset. One man is a doctor and he is looking at me, looking in my eye with a flashlight. They try and touch me, but I am hysterical and I am curling up in a ball, rocking back and forth and clutching my swollen, bleeding face. I am yelling things at them, something like "I am a monster, look at me! ... I look f-ed up!... I am really f-ed up! Where is Alex?" I call him. I yell at him hysterically, "Please come and get me, please hurry.... I am a monster... I am f-ed up!" He tells me, "No, no you aren't... don't worry, I am coming as fast as I can, just try and hold on okay... just take some deep breaths... breathe with me, okay?" But I can't stop it at this point, I am beyond return and he knows this. He lives with me and knows about my bipolar and about my panic attacks.

Alex arrives rather quickly, but it seems like a very long time to me. The people are all very upset and and a lady is crying. The doctor is saying to call an ambulance, but I am trying to tell him that I do not have health insurance and I can't afford to pay for that kind of thing, but Alex will take me to the's only a 5 minute drive away... I will be there before the ambulance is here. I am hysterical and shrieking at him, but probably not saying what I mean. Alex tells them that he will take me straight to the hospital, but he calls the ambulance anyway and I am very upset. The doctor is holding my arm and saying "No! You have to stay here and wait for the ambulance! The ambulance will still help you even though you are poor." I tell him that I know this but I still can't pay and this goes back and forth for a while until Alex wrestles me from his grip. I shriek at the doctor about the healthcare system and its flaws and insurance companies. "I hope you are happy," he says as we hear the sirens approaching. I throw my head back and cackle maniacally. I refuse to be touched by anyone and I half crawl to the car. Alex carries my bike to the car.

We drive to the hospital and pass the ambulance on the way there...

My mood has changed from upset to enraged. I burst into the ER and announce to the waiting room, "I had a f-ing bike wreck mother f-ers!" Again, I throw my head back and cackle. This is actually really funny in retrospect to me...and I wonder what those people must have been thinking when I did that. Anyway, I race up to the admission desk and demand "A Klonopin and something for this f-ing pain, preferably Oxycontin but I guess I"ll take some Vicodin if that's all you got!"

They sit me down in a wheelchair I excitedly explain to the nurse (and inadvertently the entire waiting room) what has happened. He gives me some pills and I throw them back at him "F Vicodin, does it look like I need Vicodin? Hook me up! I am in PAIN here! I'll take a couple 20 mg Oxycontin PLEASE!" I cackle. He gives me Oxycontin and Klonopin. 

It is a very busy night at the ER and there are many people in the waiting room. He tells me that I will have to wait to get examined because other people have to go first. I look around from person to person, examining them and diagnosing them all in about 10 seconds and then explode back at him "These people are all *******!!! Look at my face, I am real f-ed up here! That guy... look at that guy... he has a stomach ache, boo hoo! That chick... look at that chick..." and I go on, babbling and ranting loudly and cursing like a sailor, pausing only to cackle.

I pace the waiting room obsessively, telling Alex repeatedly how absurb this all is and how pissed off I am. 

Eventually, I am taken to an exam room where I complain haughtily about the quality of the Oxycontin. They shoot me up with Morphine because they are going to clean my face now, they say. They also give me more Klonopins. I am very sedated. I remember very little of the rest of the hospital visit due to the large amount of drugs I was on.

Alex has told me some of the funny stuff I said to the doctors and that I had the whole ER rolling in laughter when I was leaving. He said that he was conversing with some of the waiting people while I was being treated and that he went and smoked a blunt with a guy that was waiting hahaha. The guy told him "Damn, that girl is a savage." 

I do feel like a savage sometimes. I get completely uninhibited at times...

Anyway, that is my story.


That was before my wreck. Now I just have some scars, three fake teeth and that yellow grip tape has blood stains on it.

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Thank you! I was thinking of posting the pic of my face that I took like 5 days after the accident, but it is a little gross... I don't know if anyone wants to see that kind of thing lol.