He Did Me

Years ago, when I was young and wild (now I'm "old" and wild), I once had a girl friend. Not a girlfriend, but a girl friend. So, we were brainstorming one day and I asked her if she had any fantasies. Of course, she wanted to have a 3-some, MFM. So I did some searching, advertisements, and finally found someone. We met at a coffee house, and she told me "green light", so the three of us went to a private room.

He was not "pretty", neither was she. But they were both horny. He took a shower, and immediately got undressed. Experienced dude. So, then she and he started making out and then I lied down next to her. She like me making out with her (I was the "main friend"), but then he took my member in his mouth. It actually felt nice, even better than when she did it (!).

But then, she freaked out. She said "look what he's doing to you !" And I said "yes, I know" but that wasn't good enough for her "doesn't that bother you?" and I said actually, no, it doesn't. But it did bother her, and her sexual interest went waaaay south. The guy eventually caught on, stopped, and in the end he left with no ****** for him. Or me. She treated him like a creepy old man. He wasn't. She was soooo turned off by him, that he just got up and left. She then wanted me to finish her, but I was so turned off by what *she* did that I left, too. I mean, here at the beginning said that it was OK, but then rejected him in the middle.

So, this 3-some was a bust.

But I was very surprised that him sucking me didn't bother me at all. In fact, had my girl friend been interested, I would have sucked him, but that was not to be.
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Jul 18, 2011