She Was Hot And It Was Her First Time...

She was a really good friend of mine. And totally hot and she was dating this guy whom was my friend too. And we had a nice little sleep over and she wanted to take pics for her boyfriend and send them on my phone. So I was like sure and took them for her. Then we decided we should do some where we're together because he would enjoy that even more. So we took some just naked and pressed up agains each other (witch will was hard sense we're both DD) hard to fit it in the camra shoot. and then she started tickling me, and so just randomly I liked her face and then she liked me back and we had this whole licking war going on. So we though we should take our pics a little farther and took some of her eating me out and vice versa. It was quite fun. Then hse had told me that that was her first time having that done and I was like wow, well was i good? she said ya. And that she hadn't ever done anything besides kiss so I offerd to do the rest of she wanted. And she agreed so I fingerd her and made her ****** and some mor eating out and some playing eith boobs ;] needless to say she had fun. And i think I had quite a but too.

KatMarston KatMarston
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Damn thats hot.

Why thank you

omg hot