Funniest Lesson I Learned...

So I'm usually not the kind of person to show off. But I was a

Me and my friend were going for a bike ride through the subdivision and I was a two years older than her, so it kinda expected that i'd be able to bike a little faster than her, but of course, i had to show off. 

And I'm biking ahead real speedy like and looking back, calling for her to catch up.

Next thing I know I'm pedaling on my bike, looking back at her, and go to face forward to be jolted out of my sit with full momentum, slamming my self into the back of a van face first.

That was my first black eye.

There even happened to be a person sitting in the parked vehicle, which insisted to take me in for an ice pack and call my mom...but being a kid, all I thought was stranger  lol soo..i ever so slowly biked home, not saying a word to my friend. then had my mom take me into town to get some childrens tylenol and i think everyone was staring at us like she beat me or something cuz i never had so many people even notice me.

I now know the consequences of showing off.

CourtGatekeeper CourtGatekeeper
18-21, F
Jan 30, 2011