Thursday! Morning! :D

Every morning, my daughter, before she takes my grandson to playgroup! he and she always come home, because he wants to give me a kiss before he goes! to his playgroup! lol

I am nine times out of ten still in bed, drinking my tea! In he walks up the stairs he comes, running into my room and jumps on the bed, flinging his little arms around my neck!

Well Thursday morning, he came running in! he really is so boisterious! ha!ha!ha!  his one little arm, "his left" missed my neck and caught my eye! and then bang! oooooh! i shut my eyes and all i heard him say was! "sorry my nanny, sorry"!!! omg! the lil kisses were worth! it lollol

Well last Friday night, my daughter and son-in-law came with lil un! we were all talking and my daughter say's!. "oooooh! mam you have a black eye" "what have you and dad been up to"!!!? lol (oh! yeah that would be the day! lol he couldn't do it before and he couldn't do it now!) so i looked in the mirror, as i had no idea! (truthfully) that i had a black eye!. I then remembered how i had aquired it! lmbao!!! lol Of course,  my baby doll, my lil tiny person did it! lmao! lollol It has gone now! but i had some explaining to do over the weekend! i laughed my lil socks off!

Believe it or not, he comes into my bedroom quietly now! and i have to sing nursery rhymes  and then! read two stories! lol

I also have another story (nothing much)  on how i had a black eye! but thankfully this  "black eye" was sort of planned lollol No! honestly nothing dramatic, it was a routine operation!
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Awwwwww! :D thank you so much Lena! my doll! :D You are so right! it does! replace the "boo!!hoo!!" i would go through that again! lol I love his little cwtches! omg! they are all so worth it! lol <br />
They are cute, Lena aren't they! awwww! i could eat them! "lul em" :D <br />
Ooooooooh! no! love him! oooh! how is he now!?? alright? awwww! bless him! :D <br />
I thank you! so much for your feedback and comment my gorgeous young friend! :D :D <>

Oooooooooooooh! doesn't that so hurt!! oooooh! i know, i have done that, to clean behind the thing and have caught a finger on it!! oouuucchhh!!!!!! i know it hurt! Sorry you sufffered that, my doll! I so hope your finger has healed, darling! :D <br />
May i thank you so much for your feedback and your comment, my darling girl! :D I appreciate it so much! :D I thank you! :D :D <>

Ha!ha!ha! :D it so is!! my darling, gorgeous friend! EbonyLady! it is easily done!,. Awwwwww! i know! he comes into see me now! and he is so gentle, he comes running into see me! lol <br />
Ha!ha!ha! that's what i say! to him, lol "i will be telling his girlfriend's when he is older"! lollol <br />
Ohhhhhhhh! yes! EbonyLady! i WILL be thinking of you, my darling, gorgeous! Ep friend! in years to come,. Then thinking! "oh yes! my darling, wonderful gorgeous, beautiful young friend, EbonyLady predicted that" lol :D<br />
May i thank you so much for your, feedback and your comment! i appreciate you stopping by! :D I thank you! :D :D <>

Awwwww! i know! JiMarji! :D He accidently gave his mother a thick lip, while, she and he were reading together on the settee! he got over excited, jumped up and hit his head on her lip! so resulting in bruised raised lips! lmao! lol My daughter still giggles at that incident now! lol :D <br />
I think, when he is older he will! be telling that story, or if he doesn't i will! ha!ha!ha! :D <br />
<br />
Thank you my darling friend for your feedback and comment! :D :D <>

Thank you pinkypip! my darling! :D Oh yeah! to royal! lol :D thank you for your comment doll :D :D <>

Ha!ha!ha! :D thank you so much SM2010! lol :D Yes he certainly does know how to pack a punch! lol "he believe it or not is stronger than i"!! lol He helps me, when, he wants to be lifted in my arms, he hoists, himself uo! lollol :D Omg! i could eat him! lol <br />
Thank you for your comment my doll! :D :D <>

I just squashed my finger moving the microwave.I feel your pain,hee hee.!

Oh dear!!! It's easily done. Bet the little man is soooo sorry that he hurt nanny awww. The thing is when that happens they never forget it, that will be at the back of his mind all the time. May even pop up in his wedding speech! Don't be too surprised when that happens and remember who predicted it, lol.

aww. Sorry that you got punch by your little grandson. Ouch. He knows how to punch. giggles.