Black Eye

it was sat. morning and i woke up to a bang on my door. and it so happens my mother was en raged that she found a bud-pipe in my car. i was more upset @ the fact that she went inside my car with out my knowelege but than again thats moms. i cant get mad @ her. but instead she had more of a reason to be mad @ me. and it was then @ 10: am that she lashed out on me with anger and i had nothing to back up my story. however her blaming my boyfriend seemed to take the edge off of things but little did she know that it wasnt my boyfriends fault. it was mines and she didnt care 2 believe me ,anyways i get up to shut the door. and she is determined to get the truth out of me. so i kept ignoring her then my brother steps in the fiery argument. and it was then that me and him were face to face nose to nose screaming @ eachothers face. then all of a sudden he swings @ me and there we are fighting like cats n dogs. rollin on the floor. cat forget to mention his age. 32 and myself i just turned 27. and yes we both live @ home. me its temporarily since i just broke up with my boyfriend. normally im a humble chick, but once im crossed im a physco! lol anyways he blackend my eye. and im pissed off. i feel like throwing boiling **** in his face!
pointsheels2daskii pointsheels2daskii
Sep 4, 2012