"Which arm do they usually find the best vein?"

Well actually neither... it's the hand.

"Oh I don't like the hand let me look... Oh I found a good one"

~ In goes the needle, I don't watch, feel it moving around, digging, hunting, deep in my arm ~

"Oh you gotta look at this"

Nope I'm good

"No really, I've heard of deep veins but I got the whole needle in your arm... LOOK"

Seriously... I'm good, just finish please.

"Wow I can't believe I had to go that far, this needle is pretty big"

yeah me


Needless to say it freakin' hurts to extend my arm and the spot where she put it in is nicely stretched/ripped from her hunting.


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2 Responses Sep 11, 2008

ahhh! they usually have to dig around to find one! ew

Ouch! I don't watch either when they put a needle in my arm--but once it's in-doesn't bother me--I'm told "I have great veins--pop right out--good for donating platlets.