I Survived a Brain Tumor

Last summer I was going to the doctor often for an earache, after the third visit, he had me get an MRI, and to my surprise, I had a brain tumore the size of a golf ball on my brain stem..The next week I was in the hospital for surgery to remove it. It all was removed successfully with no cancer, but I ended up have pulmonary edema(water on the lungs)when I woke up from sugery and was put on the fatal list for 6 days in ICU..But I pulled through, but when I was starting to come around, the nurses noticed that I couldn't talk or swallow, so I was put on a feeding tube for 45 days, I had to learn to swallow, and walk all over again..I suffer from migraines and high blood pressure now.My speech is improving greatly..I just thank God everyday that I am here with my 2 kids.

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7 Responses Feb 18, 2009

your an insperatuion ! God BLess you

Wow yo I can really relate to this. Same thing happened to me. I went to the doctor for headaches and hearing a "flushing" in my ear, sent me for an MRI and bam...brain tumor. Mine was the size of a golf ball also! And I had to relearn how to walk! among lots of other things. Where was your tumor?

My cousin is getting over brain cancer. It started when he was eleven. Originally, the cancer was on his optic nerve, so his eye hurt, lost color vision, and then lost its vision altogether. There was a tumor on the nerve, so he had his eye removed, but it had already spread to his brain. He had three tumors, in his cerebrum and cerebellum. He stayed strong through ten rounds of chemo and plenty of radiation. He's now twelve and there's just a small speck that's still cancerous, and it's expected to die off. We couldn't be happier for him now.

wow,holly smokes,i am also still here, with tumor intact,but u have truly come through a major event<br />
they could not take my tumor out because it is all among my motors,luckily it is not cancer,there is much more to my story, please get back, it takes me so long to type

Did you have fluid and if so did it take a while fo this to go away?

Wow...that is quite a story. Safe to say you were meant to be here a while longer :)

I was in a car accident. I thought I was developing a tumor. So I got it checked. Apparently I was just walking around for a month with a concussion pretending I was perfectly normal. Although, in reality, I was totally confused and muddled. The doctor said my mind was shutting and redirecting the pain I got, SO I didnt notice it much.