Friday was one on my busiest days in a while and even harder to make it through due to the fact that this freakin' cold/flu thing has landed right on my head! It took all I had to get to work as I dragged my sick self from the bed to the couch and passed out yet again. The teen came running in to tell me how late we were running and it was like a track meet to get to the car from there. I got her to school and pulled up at the office right at 8 with just enough time to make myself a cup of coffee before the meetings began.

8:30 I had what they called a 'webinar', which sums up to a conference and web call to introduce us to this new transport system we are trying out. It was interesting but long and just a bit slow. Maybe they figured we needed it in a Kindergarten format, who knows. The cool part is that it was on a topic that I know well so my questions in the end were very valid and well taken, that's always a bonus when the only other female on the call was one of our corporate VP's.

So as soon as that call ended I had to send out the message that I was again available as my original first meeting at 8:15 was postponed just for me. Yeah! (not) I have a weekly, set-in-stone, meeting with my accounting team to discuss issues regarding my guys. I jumped in the car and hauled to the corporate office conference room where the three of them were waiting. We did what we needed to do and finished just at 10 so they could have their next meeting. I swear that's what Friday's were invented for.. meeting after meeting.

Still feeling like crap I left there and ran and made my car payment (had to squeeze that in) and then back to the office. Just as I started to catch up on emails, in between wheezing and gasping, up pops a memo on my outlook to remind me that I had RSVP'ed for an open house that one of my vendors was holding. I'd totally forgotten and thought about canceling when I realized that I had not eaten all day and they were serving lunch! HA! Free is for me so I grabbed one of my guys and off we went. Oh but not before I informed my supervisor that this was my last performance of the day and that I was not returning. I had so much to do before the night and was already dragging.

12:00 The event was actually very nice with lots of great product presented that were "green". We grabbed every free sample available as I need new school supplies for next semester. :) The had it catered very "baseball" style with hot dogs, peanuts, beans, hamburger and chicken sliders and more. I must admit not being able to breath means I ate even less than normal but my guy made up for me and then some. We also had the pleasure of meeting the owner/president of that company and discussed him possibly purchasing a few of our trucks for his fleet so it wasn't a total wash. Oh and one of the vendors also mentioned having just wrecked his car so I made sure he had my info in case he needed a hook-up (I so get a kickback on those).

It didn't end there as when we were leaving they were drawing cards for door prizes and my guy, 'E', turned to me and said "If you win that shredder I want it"! Well don't ya know they pulled his card from the fishbowl and I was more than happy for him! I did end up with a choice of door prizes from this table of stuff so being me I took the journal. :) DUH!

Yeah from there I ran to rent the van for that nights events, picked up all the kids including two additional teens and off to Universal Studios we went. My company rented it out for a private event (so another story, getting tired here). Needless to say I didn't get home until after 1am and still feeling it! I'm getting too old for this! 

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wow dont ya hate meetings . like you arent busy enough. cancellations are always good!