I Am Currently Catheterised..

Last night I got rushed into hospital because I had urinary retention which caused immense pain in my bladder. They've put a catheter in which I have to keep in for two weeks. Luckily, instead of having a urine bag, they have just fitted a valve so it is like having an artificial penis. It is actually good fun taking a wee standing up, I feel like a male!

I have had catheters put in quite a few times now. A couple of weeks ago, I had to have a catheter fitted in for two weeks but had a urine bag attached which caused me great discomfort and a lot of pain. I had a urinary tract infection because of it which was even worse, I couldn't even walk about and was bleeding into my urine bag.

I really hope that the hospital can find out the cause of this retention so that I can go back to normal life. Being 21 years old with a catheter fitted in is awful. I have to go to university with this in and I travel about a lot which is really uncomfortable and very inconvenient!
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I found when I had a catheter and bag it was nothing but trouble, always in the way.

My problem is that some times I cannot hold for an hour. As an expirement I tried a #24 silicon foley for 32 days and loved every moment after the first ten days. Just now I am thinking of ways to get a doctor to put one in like when I go for some major dental work. There is no way I can hold for that proceedure and to recover I want to just vege out. And soneone did tell me that it was possible to find a kinky or sympathetic urological tecnican and I would be hooked up for life. Really tempting but just not ready to pernenint just yet.

I am 25 and I have the same problem it sucks because I didn't think this would happen to me I am stuck with a catheter about 2 weeks every month because it happens only once a month and doctors can't figure out why. I hope things have gotten better for you!

i have had to do intermittent catheterization since i was 13, and im 40 next month, add me if you need a chat. xx

Ouch! How do you cope? I don't know how long I have this catheter in for but I just really hate it.