I Was Cathetered Once In The Er.

I was out of it when they put it in. It hurt a little removing it. It burned to pee a few times after that. Not a bad experience. I want to try it again, just away from the hospital.
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I have been wanting to try this for a long time. Can anybody give me advice about how to put it in? Also, how do you know when it is in where it is supposed to be?

the way i put a catheter in is i wait til i have the urge to urinate. i get the catheter the collection bag the balloon filling syrnge . you also want to be fairly steril if at all possible . a catheter insertion kit will have the items needed . once you got everything handy lube the catheter with the lube in the kit clean the p e n i s withe iodine in the kit . you should be laying on ur back . then grab the catheter and start inserting it slowly you might find by twisting the catheter while advanceing it will help. when the tip of the catheter is at or near the bladders spincher aka opening ull feel some pressure just relax take a deep breath . continue by trying to pee this will relax the spincher and the catheter will advance further .you'll then see urine flowing into the collection bag . advance the catheter another 1/2 inch but you can advance it all the way to the Y . at this point its safe to say the catheter is in and the balloon can be filled safely. once filled gently pull the catheter out until you feel resistance . at this point the catheter's balloon is firmly seated in the bladder opening. if you are useing a leg bag strap it to ur leg on ur thigh or shin . if useing a large bed bag hook the bag to the bed and let urine flow freely .

any other questions get ahold of me on here or on skype at compwiz878

Yeah, you'll like it if you do it more often, and when you don't REALLY have to have one, like you did. I put one in once or twice a month when I got a day or two off and can keep it in awhile. Feels great, and I always look forward to it. I use an indwelling Foley 18f...They're really easy to install once you get the hang of it, and pretty cheap too.

i use catheters for fun , ive had a catheter in since aprox 10pm tuesday night its now thursday jan 22 2015 and still have the catheter in . i want to beat my record of 10 days i had one in this past fall . dont know how long ill go for .