I Am On A Catheter Program

I have a chronic urethra strictures disease.

I happen when I was a kid. I got a hold of some candy mixture and it caused some blood poisoning. At age 2 I had my first catheter.

When I was dilated twice, in my middle school years.

The experience was awful. Having people check your ******, at that age, was not cool. Going to the hospital and spending 2 hours waiting for a doctor to get you information is a pain. Psychologically, knowing your ****** is not like other people, is not a good self-esteem builder.

During my high school years, I ignored the stricture issue.

I grew up going to church and was told to have faith. Thus, I was healing myself, daily. Since, I was not in the hospital and having no visible symptoms, I was a walking testimony about how God saves His people to do His work. I did a lot of church and scripture study because I owed God for sparing my life.

From 1988 to 2011 I have over 7 surgeries with two of them being urethra reconstruction surgery. At first, they look promising. The yearly check-up report, bad news - we need another surgery.

Currently, I use a catheter to empty out my bladder. Four times a day, I use the catheter. I use a 16 french, for the record.
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my 16 yr old son once had an 18fr catheter placed after they stretched his urethra. His urologist took it out after a week and had him pee but he could not empty his bladder so the doc put the catheter back in and filled his bladder and he still could not pee very well. The doc told Jeff she was going to send him home with the catheter for another week. She had him lay back and it was very painful when the 18fr was placed they made him spread his legs apart and held him down. He was crying for the dr. to please stop finally she was able to get the 18fr catheter in his penis. so my son knows what you went through as a kid.

I am 16 and I have use a 18 fr catheter before