Because Of Bedwetting

i was a chronic bed wetter (and an occasional daytime pants wetter) until my late teens and all attempts to correct the problem met with failure. when i was 15 the doctor suggested to my mother that i undergo some tests at the hospital to determine if there was a physical reason behind my incontinence.

for some reason the whole family, meaning me, my mom and my 2 younger sisters, Kimmi and Kelli, all went to the hospital on the day of the tests. i guess the doctor hadn't explained to my mother exactly what tests were going to be done on me so as she was filling out the admission papers she asked the nurse about it. the nurse told her that i was going to have an urethral catheter inserted so that they could fill my bladder with a dye which would be visible on x-ray and that they would then partially withdraw the catheter so that i could, hopefully, control my bladder while they took some x-rays of me urinating. when the nurse explained the procedure to my mother, Kimmi, who would have been 13 at the time, had started giggling and whispering to Kelli, who was 11. i didn't understand any of what the nurse had said and i asked what a catheter was. when the nurse hesitated, my little sister Kimmi, who read books well above her age and who had a very adult vocabulary, piped up to tell me that, "they are going to stick a rubber tube into your penis and fill you up with some dye then take pictures of you peeing." As Kelli broke into a fit of giggling, the nurse said, "Well yes. That is about it, in a nutshell."

The paperwork having been done, we had to sit and wait until a male nurse came to take me to a small room, where he instructed me to remove my clothes and put on a gown. then he told me to lay on my back on the gurney. he pulled up my gown and took hold of my penis. i could feel him rolling it between his fingers, pulling it up and down and to the sides. he also felt my testicles, again rolling them between his fingers. he asked me how old i was and when i told him 15 he muttered something that i couldn't understand then he said he would be right back and he left the room. he returned a few minutes later with a paper and plastic packet which he told me contained a smaller catheter than the one he had been prepared to use. he told me that it would likely hurt me when he put it in but he couldn't use any smaller one because it would be too short. so he opened the packet, took my penis in his hand and started to insert the catheter. even though he worked slowly and carefully it was still very painful but eventually he reached my bladder. he instructed me to relax and he told me that once the tip of the catheter went into my bladder that my urine would start running out but that i shouldn't try to stop it.

so, when it was done, he taped the catheter to my thigh, pulled my gown down over my groin, put a sheet over me and wheeled me out of the little room down to the radiology department. there he handed me off to another nurse or technician, this time a young woman. she wheeled me into a room which had a large x-ray machine in it. she removed the sheet which covered me and folded back my gown. she showed me a bag of fluid and explained to me that she was going to connect it to the catheter and let the liquid in the bag run into my bladder. she said that i would feel pressure in my bladder as if i had to pee and that i should not try to hold it in or push it out since i would have no control over it as long as the catheter was in. then she connected the bag to my catheter and hung the bag from a stand and told me to relax. as the bag emptied i felt the pressure in my bladder increase. the liquid stopped flowing and then she clamped off my catheter. she positioned me carefully on the table and then she placed a small heavy sort of card on my testicles and explained to me that it was a lead shield to protect me from the x-rays. then she explained that she was going to pull out the catheter a ways, but not all the way, and that she wanted me to try to hold in the water in my bladder until she told me to let it go. i nodded my understanding to her, she untaped the catheter from my thigh, took hold of my penis and pulled the catheter out a few inches and re-taped it to my leg. then she went inside the control booth and told me to relax and let myself pee. i did as she told me. the x-ray machine started to whir and click then my nurse came out and told me it would be a few minutes until she knew if the x-rays were good. a bit later she came back and told me that she needed to get some more images. she untaped the catheter from my thigh and started to reinsert it but i guess she had less experience, or less sympathy, than the male nurse who had done the original procedure because it hurt so bad that i cried out. she stopped and called in another nurse, female again but older, maybe mid-30s, like my mother. she very gently eased the catheter back into my bladder, re-attached the bag of dye and filled me up again. she gave my hand a squeeze and told me that i was a good boy and that it was nearly finished. she told me that she was going to personally prepare me for the next set of x-rays. she slowly withdrew the catheter from my bladder then she placed the lead shield back on my testicles. she touched my cheek and said she had to step away for the actual x-rays but that she would be just behind the screen watching me. then the x-ray machine once again whirred and clicked and buzzed and my wonderful nurse re-appeared by my side. she removed the lead plaque (which was surprisingly heavy for such a small object), untaped the catheter from my leg and told me to relax as she slowly eased the catheter out of my penis. she asked me to be brave and i did my best, whimpering only slightly. she wheeled me back to the room where i had removed my clothes and waited while i got dressed then she accompanied me back to the lobby where my mother and sisters were waiting. i would have died for that woman and i still would.
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I have had that test a few times

when mu urine blocked once same to me

I had it when I was a bit younger than you. I know how it feels and that is not nice!