Cathed Once,now Cath All The Time

I had my gallbladder removed in 2008 and after the op experience urinary retention,I woke up at 1AM bursting to go and when I tried no matter how hard I could not,the pain became excruciating so I rang for the nurse,after they had a natter they informed they would have to catheterize me.All went well and what a relief! They drained 3 LITRES of urine when they inserted it,I had the cath for three days after.After the op my bladder was never quite the same I would get sudden violent urges to pee,cramps,pain etc.A few months later I had another op booked for a circumcision as I had been suffering from phimosis (Tight foreskin) for a year or two,when I had the gall stones I was urinating very dark acidic urine due to bile in the blood,this didn't help.I had the circumcision and had loads of problems after,the person who did it must have been drunk as it was loose one side tight the other.Where they had used a hemostat (clamp) on a vein they clamped the flesh around it and it died,I ended up with a hole the size of a penny and about 8mm deep on top of my penis behind the head and where they cut the frenulum,they cut it too short and stitched it back together,the stitches tore through and created a big wound underneath.

After all this I'm left with a badly scarred penis and poor circumcision,the wounds caused strictures to form in my urethra in the last 2" of my penis,these making peeing difficult and painful,on top of that I have an overactive angry bladder from the episode of urinary retention that stretched my bladder to bursting point.A year later i found out that I am suffering from hypogonadism,that's where the testicles stop or don't produce enough testosterone anymore.My testosterone was nearly ZERO.I had all the tests done and it appears the fault is with the testicles not the pituitary gland in my brain,I now have injections of Testosterone (Nebido) every three months,its still low.As for the bladder I have began urinating repeatedly at night to the point where I could not sleep,sometimes I was so tired I wouldn't wake up and end up wetting the bed.

I now have to dilate my urethra to keep the strictures open and have been taking oxybutinin to calm my bladder,at night I use diapers to ensure the bed doesn't get wet.About three or four times a month I use a Foley catheter and bag at night to get at least one complete uninterrupted nights sleep,I fill a 2 litre bed bag in less than 6 hours at night,so I have to wake only once to empty it.I have recently tried Desmopresin a synthetic version of the hormone your body makes to reduce urine output at night and it has work wonders,I try to keep its use down though as I heard its effectiveness can wear off in time,this also indicates that my pituitary is not producing this hormone causing the nocturnal poly uria/enuresis.

So there you go,my bladder hell.This problem is only symptoms of my main illness which is chronic pancreatitis,the chronic pain it causes has upset practically every system in my body,my bowels,bladder,brain,nervous system.This problem unfortunately cannot be fixed without either making me worse or killing me.

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Sorry you have gone through so much. I too will wear a Foley sometimes at night to get a better sleep because my bladder is like yours, it has a mind of it's own. I have to wear diapers 24/7 because I never know when it is going to let go, no warning signs, just floods the diaper. If you want to chat just hit me up with a message.

You're so young to have so many medical problems. I'm sorry.


I've been using a foley cath for over 4 years at night and on long trips. I didn't have all the medical problems you have, but mine is mostly caused by the prostrate and a stubborn spincter muscle in the bladder. I have had no problems in the last 3 and half years, I had some when I first started, but after I used it awhile it was very easy and no problems since. I use a 2000 cc night drain bag and it is usually full to the top every morning and I have a special bag I use for driving which only holds around 1000 cc's . I feel for you, but when I first had to start I said no way, but after awhile its second nature and I'm OK with it. Need any help or advise or you have some for me let me know.


As I have stated my situation is similar, but they have yet to figure out why the urinary retention started in the first place when I was about 27 years old. My biggest problem is that because they turely can not give an answer to why, they blame it on CP. (Cerebral Palsy) I have had that since I was born, but usually if a person has CP and keeps active urinary retention does not occur, but that's not the case with me so the struggle continues, I believe that is why we have gotten to a point that when I ask the doctor for a foley catheter to be put in he/she allows it with no questions asked.

I had the same problem at the beginning with catheterisation,but like you I soon got over it and now it's no problem.

Hang in there, no pun intended, and try getting a larger night bag so you may get some sleep

Thanks for the reply.Unfortunately there is no overnight bag bigger than 2000cc,Manfred Sauer one of the bag manufacturers has suggested coupling two bags together.They supplied me with a Tee piece but they are not sterile though they assure me that they will be ok and can be reused if cleaned between uses.I'm yet to try the Tee piece though the idea of two unsteady bags on their stands instead of just the one isn't too appealing.I can put the bags in a bucket on the floor as the inlet tube won't be long enough and there are no extension tubes available on the drug tariff.There are reusable bottles available,in the US they make 4000cc bottles but here in the UK the largest one I can find is 2000cc and costs just under £30.

You poor thing. I would carefully check out your Dr's credentials before you get any other medical treatment. I'm sorry you can't enjoy your bedwetting and catheter like the rest of us freaks!

My GP is excellent,it's the people I have encountered in the hospitals that have been responsible for the balls ups!!

At least the circumcision which was botched may be fixed.

I wish they would fix it but this being the NHS they are too keen to spend the money to sort it out from what I can glean from my urologist,also I think their fear and mine of botching it up again puts them off.When I had the circ done it was last thing on a Friday which I'm sure goes a long way to explain why such a mess was made of it.