Naked Sushi Model

Ok so my girlfriend Dee had done this a couple of times before and was offered a job to pose again as a nude sushi model at a birthday party for a friend of a friend. This time though she was supposed to pose with a guy which I must admit I wasn't totally cool with. I've done life modelling before so am pretty comfortable with people seeing my naked body, so I suggested that we do it together. Dee was happy about this and I thought it'd be fine, I've seen clips of people doing this before and they've always had a leaf or something covering their modesty and have been completely covered in food that you'd never have known they were naked. Dee kept on telling me it wasn't in any way sexual and that I'd have nothing to worry about in terms of getting aroused or anything. I chose to beleive her.

When we got there we were introduced to everyone, there was a girl Fiona who I knew frrom college but other than that I didn't know anyone. There was about 12 people there, mostly girls, only 2 guys and a lot of them were really attractive. Janie, who had done all the organising told us how it was going to go, basically we would just lie naked together on the floor and they'd cover us with food, sit around us and eat it off us, simple! After the sushi she said they'd do dessert which would be cream, jello and the like, sounds good to me!

Janie left us in the bedroom to undress, not sure why she bothered, we'd both have to walk through the house in front of everyone anyway. We got on with it though and got naked, had a little hug and a kiss then came out into the living room to a round of applause. We were encourage to lay down on the floor on sheets that they'd set out for us and that was it. All of a sudden I was completely starkers with my girlfriend laying on a floor in the middle of a room with 10 pretty horny girls who were about to be playing, licking and doing god knows what else with me.

We were there for about an hour doing sushi, they'd take it in turns to arrange food on top of our naked bodies then lean over us and bite the pieces off. It was done so staggerdly that I was never completely covered, my penis was exposed the whole time. I lay there holding hands with Dee who was giggling away and enjoying herself, all I could thin was PLEASE DONT GET A HARD ON!!!

After everyone had taken their turn with the sushi they washed us down with cloths and began bringing the dessert out. This turned out to be one of the sexiest things I've ever done, having 3 beautiful girls squirt cream all over your naked body is a fantastic feeling and one I'd urge any man to take up given the chance. They laid out pieces of fruit jello and various other things before trying to write on me with icing. The feeling of the cold cream being applied to my penis was amazing, shame I was still so conscious of Dee being there that I felt I had to continue to try to hold back the oncoming erection. this was proving more and more difficult as they took turns of licking my chest, stomach, legs, groin and yes the birthday girl after not much coaxing did end up spending a lot of time over my penis licking cream and biting pieces of fruit and such that her mates were covering me with.

All in all we must have been there about 90 minutes, then me and Dee went for a shower, I dunno if many of you have experienced trying to fight off a hard on for such a period of time but it seemed to create a huge amount of pre *** around my head, I noticed it sticking to my leg as I walked out the room and quickly tried to wipe it away, it didn't really work! When we got into the shower together we had a kiss and I pulled her *** against me, the second she grabbed my penis, which had only got to the semi stage I shot all over her, quite possibly the single best feeling of my life! When we got home I was on such a high we seemed to be at it all night, one of the best experiences of my life.

I've put all the photo's from the party into my profile, I'm cool with folk seeing them so just add me.
fenton85 fenton85
26-30, M
May 16, 2012