Loss On 9/11

The day of fear....where you get a panic phone call...when the news is blowing up with breaking news on it and it is not to far away from home that all this happens the silence in the air then all of a sudden it all happens a normal day becomes in to a horrifying day....when you hear that the most amazing person you looked up to every single day just passes away for being a hero in 9/11 a firefighter who was oh so young who had just got out of college and was ready to help the world and you know what he did he saved the world that day! My cousin is the most amazing guy in the world and will never be forgotten I love you so much<3
KIki309 KIki309
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Thank god for heros like himself. He was obviously an amazing guy and deserves the respect. People like him give me faith in humanity :)