Rocky, Age Eight…caused By Polio…caused By God.

Rocky, age eight died…caused by polio that attacked his brain…caused by God.


Rocky died in the bed beside me and we were both in a Hospital in a Hospital. His cause of death was polio, which we both had. Mine affected my legs and his affected his brain. The Sister’s of Mercy put us to gather because I could comfort him because the hospital was way over loaded due to the extreme number of victims of polio that over crowed the hospital, which was caused by God. The year was 1951.


A priest came into the room and said “Jesus loves the little children. ”I screamed” Fo*k you and your Jesus!”


Rocky and I both wanted to get Bowie Knives like Tarzan wore in the Movies.


I worked selling Spudnuts door to door, making a few dollars a day and strengthening my legs the several months that it took to make enough to get a Bowie knife, I still have that knife…DDby 

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
Mar 15, 2010