Had A Colonoscopy

The prep was NOT fun and very disgusting!!  I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about and year ago and have been on Levoxyl.  Recently, I have been experiencing horrible abdominal pains in my lower right abdomen.  If I had gone to an autoimmune specialist it could have saved me from having an unnessary test, a colonoscopy.  They said that everything was fine and it seemed as if I have IBS, which kind of go hand in hand with the autoimmune disease I was diagonsed with over a year ago....  I am highlly frustrated and still feel like crap!  It is like a constant charley horse in your abdomen.  I am sooo tired of feeling this way!!! When I read up on IBS and it's connection to hypothyroidism, I became deflated that this will never end!
hollysodeman hollysodeman
31-35, F
Aug 6, 2010