Having My Son Almost Killed Me

During my pregnancy I got very ill.  I gained alot of weight during it.  They told me to slack off on it or I would have to have a Csection.  Truthfully, natural childbirth scares the life out of me and I wanted a CSection instead.  But, I tried to not gain so much weight, but it was very hard not to. I was always hungry and I tried to follow that stupid food pyramid and get all the food groups in that it told me to and it ended up making me very fat.  I am 5'3" and was over 200 lbs. I could hardly make it around I was so huge.  People would ask me all the time if I were having twins.  They found this clever as if they were the first ones to think of it.  I loved the electric scooters in stores, though.  Sometimes, I would shop at Wal~Mart just so I could ride around in one. lol

I developed Gestational Diabetes when PG.  I found out I had it one day before I went into labor. I had one nutrition class before I had to go to the hospital. 

Mom and I took a walk down to the store, which is down the street from her house, to get some things.  Well, on the way back I started having bad lower back cramps and a tiny bit of blood.  I called the hospital and they told me to get there to be checked out.  I was not full term yet.

Hubby drove us the hour trip to the hospital where they determined I was in preterm labor.  They put me on some magnesium sulfate, I believe it was called, to stop the contractions.  It was like being sick drunk without the fun. It worked for a short period of time.  I was on full bed rest not even allowed to get out of bed to use the bathroom and had to use a catheter. 

My water ended up breaking like the next day in bed.  I told the nurse I thought it had broken, but she didn't even check and dismissed it saying it was the lube the doctor used to check me out with, coming out.  Thinking back on it now, I should have sued that hospital.  Because it was, in fact, my water broken.  And there I sat with my insides exposed to germs getting inside.

I had to have an emergency CSection.  The labor couldn't be stopped.  It was a nightmare.  They gave me a spinal epidural, but it did not completely numb me.  I kept telling them not to cut into me yet as I was not numb.  They were going to do it anyway!  The doctor had the damn scalpel on my stomach ready to cut me open! I started bawling and freaking out because I was terrified and no one would listen to me.  One of the anesthetiologists (I know I spelled that wrong) pinched me on the leg to test me and I yelled in pain.  He said surpised, "You felt that?"And I yelled, yes. I told them I wasn't numb and I began to beg to be put to sleep.  They refused.  They were rather cold towards me. 

They discussed giving me another epidural, but then decided to just go ahead and slice me open! I was yelling at them and arguing and even begging them to help me.  They were cold.  They didn't seem to care much except for one or two people in the room. One guy in particular kept stroking my hair and talking to me, trying to calm me down. They treated me horribly and I will NEVER go back there again.  My son was breech and there was no choice, but to deliver him via C-section.  He was butt first. And not ready to be born yet, but he was determined that he was coming. 

They pumped me full of drugs to calm me down because I was hysterical.  I don't know how much they put into me or what, but they told my hubby that I would be lucky to even remember what happened.  I told them, I would remember everything. And I did. They gave me all they could, but I was still freaking out and I could still feel pain. 

From being so upset, they had a difficult time grabbing hold of my son to pull him out and the head doctor actually came and leaned over in my face and basically told me to shut up because I was making it impossible to pull him out of me from tensing up.  Well, then they should have sedated me! ********. I was irate.

I was so relieved when it was over.  I felt a little pain when they sliced me open.  They did not care and I could feel them stitching me up.  That was hell.  They could have cared less.  I also felt all sensations, which I heard is normal, though.

I was sooo sick afterwards that I was stuck in the hospital for about a week.  My son was also there that long in the NICU in an incubator.  He was large for his age, but he was underdeveloped.  He also had sepsis and jaundice. 

It was about 3 days before I could make it down to see him for the first time.  They wheeled my bed down there since I could not move.  They sat my bed next to his incubator and I put my hand inside the hole to touch him on the arm.  It was in a rubber sleeve.  I wanted so badly to hold him and feel his skin. I cried.  Other people watching teared up staring at us. 

I knew then that I would gladly give my life for him.  And almost did.  I had waited my entire life for that moment. My son was around 34 weeks when he was born.  They had to put him on steroids to speed up the development of his lungs and he was resucitated at birth.  It was scary as he was very quiet when he was born because he was not breathing.

I was so ill because thanks to that idiotic nurse that left me lie there for a long time with my water broken, an infection set inside of me from the exposure.  I developed, after surgery, a massive infection throughout my entire body.  I had to have a lot of antibiotics and other meds pumped into me thru an IV ..bag after bag.  I was so sick I couldn't walk or anything.  I was in extreme pain, even though I was constantly doped up.  I also had gestational diabetes needing insulin injections as it went out of control a few times.  That was scary. The worst part about the whole ordeal was that they would not let me sleep for almost the entire week I was there.  I was exhausted.  I constantly had doctors and nurses coming in to check on me, take blood samples and give me mediation and to check my sugar. Also, they found out I had preeclampsia.  I am lucky to be alive today.

It has been rough since the pregnancy on me.  He develped colic later and now has autism.

They treated me like a queen afterwards other than the no sleeping part.   They gave me lots of pain meds, would call me to see what I wanted to eat for my meals and even would put my toe socks on for me and put DVD's in for me to watch.  It was very nice. I think they felt really badly for me.

I almost died and would do it all over again to bring me to the love of my life.  I don't know how I even considered that I ever had a life before my son came along, and now that he is here I cannot imagine life without him.  It wouldn't be any life I would want to live.


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Yeah, but despite all that I would do it over again and still want another child. Maybe I'll adopt next time. :)

I am so sorry you had such a terrible birth experience. No one deserves to be treated like you were.