Young And Dumb To Be In Love

i hate her. no, not really. I care for her. I care for her family. i feel so sorry for her. She has been living her life on her own-- i mean without God. she was not like this before she and her ex bf reconciled. I can really feel the "itchiness to have a boyfriend " in her. She's so desperate. IDK why! She has been meeting this guy and i doubt that something have already happened between them. She lied just to stay in the guy's place last night.  She's in so much confusion right now. I think she needed guidance and so I told her parents about it. but to my surprise, she chooses her boyfriend more than her family. I wish God would send her His Holy spirit to guide her. I wish she'd choose to learn te easy way and not let the wrath of nature teach her.
UPianako UPianako
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010