Strange Roommates And Mine's Stories

not only have i had ****** in the head roommates, i still do!

my first roommate was when i moved out when i turned 15. my parents really loved it when i did things early :D! anyway, yer my first roommate was a litteral hippy. she smoked weed every day, refused to hit the lightswitch, never did her if it was on paper (her excuse being its a waste of trees, which the teachers bought), and refused meat. couldn't have any meat in the room. not a single chicken nugget. she always protested when there was a reason, and slept naked. even worse, she had higher blood temporature than normal so she didn't sleep with the covers on. sleeping entirly on your right side starts to hurt after a fortnight or so! eventually she went to china to save pandas. no joke.

second roommate was alot better than the first. a shy girl who barely said anything, and had one of those cute sneezes. she was about my height (so, short), as skinny as me and reeeeally pretty. she looked like nozomi from girl saurus (a manga). she was basicly how i'd imagine my perfect girl, but she had a boyfriend.

the third and forth im still living with, but off campus. we bought a house and split the bills 3 ways. nicole is 17, tall, long black hair and pale as...well...something really pale... she has leukemia :( so i'm doing worlds greatest shave and donating my hair next year (im gonna ask people for extra if i shave my eyebrows aswell). shes a tomboy and barely shuts up! right now i can hear her jabbing to michelle about how to cook toast properlly. lets hope she doesn't find this post!

michelle is alot younger than us, shes 13 and she was orphaned as a child, but she's grown up fine and she can fend for her self with everything. exept toast apparently. shes my height again, sandy blonde shoulderlenght hair and she has down her arm from a dog that attacked her a couple of years ago. she's in the popular group at school and in a year or so, she's gonna do her best to get a job. she always feels like she's mooching off us for the bills unless she finds some money. usually she's stalking in and out of friends houses. i have no idea what she does there! maybe she just steals there toilet paper and TPs the old guy next door.

ok so unfortunatly, both nicole and michelle like me. i feel sorry for both of them so its really awkward because i dont want to hurt them any more (its hard to explain but im not a jerk, bigamist or man prostitute). when i met nicole she came to the door asking if she could spend the night here. her and her boyfriend just broke up and she had been kicked out. she told her parents that she had gotten a flat but she couldn't afford it so she just stayed with her boyfriend. so i let her stay the night, and the night after that, and after that! i said that she could live here if she wanted and she was so greatful she was crying.

a year later, i saw michelle walking down the street in torn clothes and shivering like a wolfs jaw near a flock.about a metre before we passed each other she tripped and i caught her. she didn't say anything, but she hugged me. i guess she could tell i was a kind guy! i bought her a hot chocolate and she told me how she had no idea who her parents were and that she was raised by an australian soldier and his wife. when she was about 5, the soldier was killed in a bar fight. you expect war, but no. his wife blaimed michelle and threw her out. she tried to get back in but she locked all the doors and windows. so she just went to the park and found a bench. a homeless man walked over to her and asked why she was here. she started crying and the man hugged her and kept her warm all night. in the morning she woke up and he was gone. from that day onwards she was just walking aimlessly for her entire life! until that day, when i invited her to stay with me and michelle. she, again, was greatful as hell. she had her first shower for 7 years!

she had no idea how to actually wash yourself, so i had to help her. iit was awkward for everyone, seeing as michelle really had to pee and the shower and toilet face each other. even worse, at the time i had slipped and broken sliding glass door so we could see everyone else clearly. after half an hour of scrubbing and washing, she was finally un-dirted and wearing one of my shirts and a pair of michelles pants. the shirt was almost a perfect fit but the pants were way too big. and of course, being a 2 bedroom house we had no extra bed so michelle and nicole spent the night swapping stories and giggling to each other. in the end i dont think either of them slept, but come morning we went clothes shopping. we got lunch at the supermarket and she was in awe at what a non rotten apple tastes like.

so we've been living together for about 9 months, and we have no idea when michelles birthday is so we just made it the day i found her. her arm never properly healed after the dog attacked her, but its not very noticible seeing as she wears nothing but long sleeve shirts. living in the cold for most of your life, there is no such thing as too hot. every time we go out shopping, people think were a couple. what a coincidence! she likes me. so does nicole. seeing as michelles only known 3 men in her life, the soldier, homeless man and i, of course she does! (that makes me sound like a ****...)

so...that was more a swapping of life stories than a strange roommate list. but im sure people out there will have lives like this, or respect there lives, or have worse lives!

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liek dat was such a cool story bro, tell it agaaain!

Cool story bro, totally made up but cool story nonetheless.

nice anyone here who want swapping

great story