She Crazy..

okay so in my freshman year at uni, Me, Harry, Pippa and Tom (my current housemates) were joined by Ava, this complete goth who found an interest in constantly slamming her body into walls and laughing about it, being depressed at christmas and almost at her happiest whenever she saw something sad or what we would cry at. Including funerals. You think thats weird? read on...

Anyway, pip and i came home from uni one time and we saw her lying on her back ontop of the dinner table. We asked her what she was doing and she said in a casual voice "If we were stranded on a desert, i would let you two eat me." Needless to say we walked off.

Ava used to come out with a load of sh*t every single day but we just blew it off. Then one day she just didnt make sense at all. We hadn't seen her for about 10 hours but we all knew she liked to be alone and hated to be interrupted with whatever she does in her room. Plus she'd done this loads before so we were used to it but obviously she came down for food. It was around 9am and the four of us (i mentioned at the very beginning) we sat watching 'how i met your mother' on E4 and she ran as in sprinted down the stairs slammed into the wall at the bottom, laughed for about 30 seconds and collapsed. I suppose we were shocked. Tom lifted her onto the sofa and pip got a cold flannel to put on her head. We decided if she hadnt come around in 5 minutes, i would drive her to A&E. Fortunately she did but harry insisted we take her to the doctors at least. She screamed no!, ran up the stairs and slammed her door. The next day we woke to find a note on the dining room table.

It said: If you wish to find me, you won't be able to. If you don't, you still won't be able to. Remember this: See, the human mind is kind of like a pinata. When it breaks open, there's a lot of surprises inside. Once you get the pinata perspective, you see that losing your mind can be a peak experience. I love Jane Wagner. So long Snaptors!

We never knew what a snaptor was. I tried her phone but she never picked up, Tom put notices up everywhere but a year passed and she never came back.

But last year, me and pippa were in oxford shopping and we saw a familiar face in a crowd of people. Ava's crazy jet black with electric blue highlighted hair could be seen for miles and there was no mistaking the dark eye makeup and the bright yellow lipstick. Quite frankly it was awkward. we said hi. so did she. She seemed happy though and she said she missed us but never liked uni so she explained how she dropped out and could no longer live with us anymore. She hugged us and said bye. We carried on shopping.

It's weird how people think other people are strange but when they're not they're you miss their quirky ways. However, i wouldnt want to live with Ava Jackson anymore than i would like to dunk my head in a bucket of slime.  

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Dec 2, 2012