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Alright, so I had a long day at school and work and couldn't stay awake any longer yesterday, I ended up falling asleep around 7pm. The thing is, when I do this, I can't sleep through the night. So I had woken up around 2am and tossed and turned in bed for a while. Around 3:30am I was laying on my side, facing my wall. I started feeling this pain on right side (not the side I was laying on), and this music started playing from behind my head. It sounded like something you would hear in maybe the thirties.. just a creepy slow song sung by an old man or something. Not a song fresh in my memory for sure. This song wasn't being played by any electronic I was aware of, but from where it was coming from, it sounded like it was right behind my head, being produced from my iPod. Now, of course it was NOT. My iPod was off and I have no idea what that song was, I'm not even clear as to what this man was singing about. So I'm freaking out, and in pain, AND completely unsure as to what is going on. I tried to touch my side to clear the pain, and to turn around to see where this music was being produced from... I couldn't move. I felt this presence behind me and the whole situation was really unsettling. My hands would "tingle" whenever I tried to move them and I was pretty much frozen in place. This feeling lasted about 2 minutes I'd say, and then the music stopped and I was able to move again, now, at this point I really didn't want to move because I was unbelievably terrified. I honestly felt as if, if I were to turn around there would be this awful thing lurking above me and I felt like curling up into a little ball and crying my little eyes out. In fact, I'm getting pretty upset just writing about this. This isn't the first time something strange has happened to me that I couldn't physically control. But, the music really set me off. It was just overall a really horrible couple of minutes and I'm not sure what to make of it. If anybody has any input it would be greatly appreciated.
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I agree with Lodric - this happened to me only this morning but without the music... I just couldn't move and felt pain and was trying to work out if I was awake or asleep. t's quite scary and odd. I was trying to come out of it and couldn't.

It sounds like you had sleep paralysis. This happens when your body's asleep but your mind's awake. People tend to have extremely scary hallucinations from this and can even have physical pain. That is still really creepy though..

Sounds like shadow people to me mate

Message me sometimes, the whole things sounds very familiar to what happened to me x