The Crush That Got Away

He was much older than me and the quarterback of the football team. He was also one of the best friends my cousin ever had so I would see him frequently. I would hide whenever I knew he would be around and avoid him at all costs. I could never talk when he was around anyway so this was my way of defending myself against the power he had over me. 


My high school crush found me on Facebook and sent me a friend request. Our conversation started out casual by talking about what we had done since high school. Eventually the conversation turned to remembering things from school, and he admitted that he had a huge crush on me when we were in high school. he asked for my number and of course, I gave it to him. We talked literally all night long that first night and we still talk sometimes. We have met for coffee when I have returned to my hometown and I must say the years have been very kind to him. he is still very athletic and as handsome as ever. I no longer hide from him and we have some great conversations. I consider him one of my best friends these days and he tells everyone I am the "crush that got away."
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yes 8th grade and we married at 13 and were very happy till her death at age 19