Love Is Elementary

I was the tallest kid in Kindergarten. I was very shy. I would cry when my mom would drop me off at school. I really didn't want to be seperated from her. Some of the kids picked on me, especially this red headed boy. He would tell me I would never have a boyfriend and poke fun. I say that to lead into this. When I was in fourth grade. I remember it vividly to this very day. We were sitting at tables like the ones in Science labs. I was talking to a few friends of mine. All of a sudden this same red headed boy that picked on me asked me would I go with his best friend. He told me his best friend made him ask. Now that was powerful. Of course being the original dork I said, "Go Where?" I really didn't know what that meant. He explained and that was even better after all he was the one that said I would never have a boyfriend. I said no of course but it really did my ego worlds of good. I had a crush on the friend the rest of my time in school. I wanted him to ask again, but he never did. The moment lasts in my memory. I will always treasure it.

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2 Responses Jun 3, 2009

aw how cute! THAT RED headed boy, i bet it was so painful for him! made me smile, after the really bad day I had <br />

Endearing, cute, funny. Its a keeper