There was this really cute younger teacher at my high school. He taught, Freshman English, Senior History, and Economics. He was also the coach for the Freshman Football Team. Calling him, "Coach" was hot. I had him as my English teacher my Freshman year. Then became a TA for him for 3 of his Freshman English classes my senior year, just to be able to hang out with him more. Obviously it was a schoolgirl crush, and there were no real intentions behind it. I did good acting normal around him. Containing my schoolgirl giddiness. He was also a cool guy, he got permission from the school to play Family Guy for a writing assignment. We had to analyze one of the characters. Random, but every time I watch an episode of Family Guy I think of, "Coach..."
HamburgerHill HamburgerHill
31-35, F
Nov 5, 2015