Such a Good Looking Woman

It's fairly obvious which show this person is connected to.  For those who don't know, Doctor Beverly Crusher was (and, I suppose, in the annals of Trek lore, still is and forever will be) the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, The Next Generation.

My crush on her took hold early on.  Like so many fans who grew up with TOS and its subsequent movies, I was initially skeptical of TNG.  One thing that immediately caught my attention was Gates McFadden's character.  Oh!  What a babe!  I'd go to the ends of the earth for her!  I was in my late teens when the show first aired. 

Like many other Trek fans, I also became enraptured in the underlying intimacy of her friendship/relationship with Captain Piccard.  I couldn't understand why those star-struck travellers didn't get it on, for pete's sake!  I was pretty choked when Gates left TNG for one season, then rejoiced at her return.

As time went on, I think I came to not like Doctor Crusher's character as much, probably due to a lack of depth.  I don't think Doctor Crusher was a well established character by the end of the show's seven year span.  What we did see of her was a bit stiff, maybe even predictable.  There were few times we got to explore much beyond the surface, to get inside what made her tick, experience her losses and triumphs.  A lot of the time, she served as window dressing for other characters on the show, which was too bad.  In the movies she was even less of a focus. 

Despite this lack of dimension to her character, I never got over how attractive she was.  I don't know if many people would agree that she's a glamour goddess, but, for me, she had all the features that I found stunning.

UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
May 29, 2009