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I'm Glad Someone Put the Group Icon Up...

That's her. "Trapped in the body of a white girl"...

Nice eye candy to look at :-)

Normally I like rather Large women, but something worked with her. And interestingly I do believe she was in movies Later and is bigger now (or atleast then)...
lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 6 Responses Jun 13, 2009

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But I gotta thank the person who put this logo here.... Hits me every time... surf, surf, surf, -WOW!- :-D

In any event, I'll probably be posting my Julie squees to the other Julie group cause that one's more likely to get members :-D

Ha ha ha... Just came to look at picture... I'm glad just glad someone knows who I'm talking about (-Yes- I have that CD somewhere too)...<br />
<br />
In any event, some people are having way too much fun with this website :-D

No... not love... had a crush on... Forgot my own group title :-D

There's actually two famous people with this name...(I don't know anything about the other one)... I'd intentionally left this open for both, which in retrospect was incredibly stupid as the "which one?"-thing is gonna happen now... Live and learn I guess...<br />
<br />
If anyone who works for EP wants to Rename this group to make for just this person, I think we should to avoid the chaos (and then someone else can make a group for the other one if her fans show up). We need a way to abbreviate this though... she was in movies, she did novelty songs, I think she had a TV show... both were in showbiz though... that's what makes it hard... We could say "I love the redheaded Julie Brown" or something... no cause there's non-famous people with this name who have redhair...<br />
<br />
I think the closest for now might be "I love the homecoming queen Julie Brown" :-D

God, I'm gonna come here just to look at her :-D