She has been my friend since first grade. We been super close for so many years. I only found out after I had gave up on her and now with my current boyfriend. She told me, I told her the same thing, I was in love with her. I noticed that slowly after we talked about that she started to distance herself from me...
We stopped talking for about over 5 months. Just a couple days ago did she finally answer a text from me and were talking again.
Im not sure what Im feeling anymore. She told me she was going to college with this girl she considered her best friend. That best friend took my first boyfriend and my best friend from me. She also took two other friends' men from them. Not too mention she has tried to take my current boyfriend from me. Im afraid she has secretly or will still my friend's boyfriend...
My friend told me she was going to the same college as that girl. And also... She is dormming in the same room with her best friend. Even though I hate her current best friend I still make her sound great for her. I act like I care for their friendship when truly... I hope her best friend betrays her. I hope she makes my friend so annoyed they stop dorming together. I hope she talks to me more then her. I sound like a jealous girlfriend...
Everytime I think about it I start to feel sick..
I think alot about her.(because we havent talked in MONTHS I dont know if what I remember is still the same) What she watches? Whats her favorite color? Favorite anime? What does she draw? Is she still depressed? How are her and her boyfriend? Is she going to college for art? Are her feet still warm and soft to sleep on? If u poke her neck does she still smile, do a twitch, and rub her neck while looking down.
I sound creepy right now but Im not... Im just wondering what my old best friend is like. I miss my best friend.
AirSlice AirSlice
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2014