i was at a sleepover with my friends and my boyfriend. we was laying in bed when he stuck him hand down my trousers, i told him to stop because i was on my period he said i don't care so he started fingering me. we was sitting there for about an hour or 2 then he goes to me 'can i lick you' and i said noo, he pulled my trousers down and started to lick me.  he took all my clothes off. i look up for a second and realised everyone was watching, they all ran off with my clothes and i had to run around the house in my underwear when my friends mum walked in and asked me what i was doing i stood there in shock. she told me to leave so i grabbed my clothes and while i was walking to the toilet to get changed my boyfriend squeezed my boobs and stuck his finger up my vagina.

i went to school the next day and there was a video of it all, i had an argument with my boyfriend and we split up. i was laughed at for weeks. my mum then saw the video and had a big talk to me about sex
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Rape / sexual harassment you should tell the police

I agree with aprilriver.

i agree

So You said No and he did it any way, and all of your friends watched? Um it sounds like you got raped while your so called "friends" watched. Any guy that doesn't care about keeping private moments private doesn't care about you. You should have dumped him before you left that house. him squeeze your boobs and stick his fingers in your vagina is just his nasty way of saying see I can do what i want to this girl. Technically your "friends" can get into a lot of trouble for having a video of it let alone showing it to other people. and the mother of the "friend's" house you were at should also be held responsible for this happening in her house. Instead of kicking you out she should have found out what was really going on. I don't know how you feel about this happening to you but I think I would try to have these kids held accountable. Tell your mother what really happened and try to get someone on your side. YOU should not put up with this and you definitly DO NOT deserve this. IF you can not find someone to listen you can message me any time, I can't stand to hear about this kind of thing happening. I hope you can regain some self confidence and love yourself enough to stand up for yourself.