I Loved The Skirts She Wore In To Class...

I have always had, and still do have, the largest crush ever one of my college professors. I used to race to her class, just to be sure that I could sit in the front row. By the time she walked in, wearing on of thes frickin great skirts...I was in heaven. She always kept her hair pulled back in a pony, wore the cutest little glasses, and depending on the day...she would be wearing boots or pumps...or some cute little sandles. To be honest, I only noticed what was on her feet, because I couldn't help but look at those legs.

These days, I know longer have to take any of her classes, but I have debated sitting in on one or two just for fun.

At least I have the memories... and god, how sweet the are. Let's just say that she is one woman I wouldn't mind staying back after class for.


dayracer dayracer
36-40, M
Jun 20, 2010