It Was A Love Hate Relationship.

My English professor was this ADORABLE younger guy. He was actually just a teachers assistant but he had everything going for him. I remember loving his face and his clothes and admiring him so much but when it came to his teaching I got extremely bored and uninspired. When he wanted to do one on one with his students I was really excited to see how he was out of class and it turned out he was actually really awesome. We had so much in common and he was really excited. We both loved coffee and I kept thinking of ways to write in my papers hinting to him that we should go out for some sometime. I felt like a little girl again, it was great. But like I said his teaching was really professional and plain I got really frustrated with him. Also towards the end of the semester he started talking about his new girlfriend and how he brought her over to his parents for Thanksgiving so whatever. I don't need him anyway! ...sniff... ;)
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Aww heads up :) The right guy will come :) trust me

Thanks! :)