The End

The hope has gone. He really behaved as if he had feelings for me and I'm pretty sure I would have had a chance to be with him if there wasn't HER! Yes, he has a girlfriend (they even moved into a flat together) and didn't tell me when I confessed my feelings. This is something I can't understand. I waited three years for him. Something like this should never ever happen again!!!
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2 Responses May 3, 2013

Sorry that it turned out this way for you. I think you got caught up in a fantasy. Now you can go find an available man and have some real life fun! Think of the possibilities.

Thank you! But it wasn't just a fantasy. Of course I interpreted it the wrong way but if you had seen the signs he showed towards me I bet you also would have thought he has a thing for you.

I am so sorry this happened to you. He should have told you about his g/f.

I'm sure he thought saying to me it's not possible because of our professionel relation would be enough to make me understand I haven't got a chance. But he was wrong. I still thought I could try after graduation. I still see him once in a while. I hope we can be friends one day (or his heart is free). He is a special person.