Who Hasn't?

ah yes, i did.

it was my painting professor.  he has beautiful hazel eyes and a big italian nose, something i've always had a thing for..perhaps a bit freudian of me, eh?  lol  but anyway we just got along so well.  we're friends now and flirting with him is just as natural as ever.. lol.  but he's gay, i found out recently.  i think it's kind of a good thing, really.  keeps me out of trouble.  besides, not only is  he a great friend, but he will continue to be my teacher for a while.  now i'm just glad to know him.  he is still sexy, though!


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ugh, the best looking men are always gay.

Hazel eyes and Italian nose? So do I. lol

And I'm definitely not gay.

ooh, stop! you're killing me! ^.^

You can't die yet, you have to write your statement. And, I'm just getting warmed up.

my, oh my..

Don't worry... I'm harmless....... sort of (evil grin).....lol

that's what i thought. ;)

You seem to know a lot about me in a very short time, you're quite perceptive.

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Wow!! that must have crushed you...no pun intended!- sometimes I think the gorgeous teacher I am crushing on too is gay, as he never talks of girls or hints at seeing anyone...it'd be so awful for me if he was....

I have a thing for my fine arts teacher. Something about the passion, an wisedom on art. An doesnt help shes hot. I wonldnt say I flirt. But I do visit her room before an after classes more often then neecary im sure. LOL Know how you feel ;p shes marrid .

haha! indeed. to the last bit, i mean. i feel the same way about men. ^.^

lol..sure! i imagine it would be. :)

lol--it's a classic. :)

Ah yes, crush on a gay professor. I've so been there.

do you talk to him?

lol.. atleast you are not having a problem anymore, you know where am working ther is this guy oh my gosh when he comes in he passes in my office and i would just stop whatever am doing just to look at him and for sure i would loose my mind for few seconds<br />
<br />
he is sexy and he dress up just the way i want a guy to dress up mmmm just so perfect. lol.. just hope i will get use to him


lol..hm! sounds intriguing..;)

Us Italians. Either you have it or you don't