He Left Us When I Was 10

my dad was (is) an executive at a computer company. he was always going on business trips for extended amounts of time. even when he was in town he would leave before we got up and sometimes not get home until after dark. i remember one year on my birthday waiting on the front porch for him to come home. i fell asleep and remember it being dark and him carrying me into my room to put me to bed.

i never saw him and my mom kiss. they never really fought , but they didn't really talk to each other either. my dad was the one who cooked- my mom never cooked or cleaned. when he wasn't there we would eat sandwiches. my mom couldn't take care of herself let alone four kids, and he left us with her knowing that.

my dad moved to another state for a year before they divorced. he would sometimes send us a $10 check with "i love you" in the memo, but didn't call to talk to us on the phone or ask about us. he drained our college funds when he left and as part of the divorce my mom had to get a 2nd mortgage on our house to pay him his portion of the worth of the house. we ended up losing our home because my mom couldn't afford the house payment with the child support he sent. she ended up going back to college and working three jobs to try and keep us in food and hot water and electricity ( which we went without a lot). i could never understand how my dad could let us live like that when he had so much money. we would go to his half a million dollar home on the weekend and return to the fourplex where my brother had a room and me and my sister shared one and my mom was sleeping on the couch.

when he remarried he started letting us come stay the weekend once a month, but he was hardly ever there. after my stepmom had two boys he started to change a little bit. he started trying to do things with them. they are both in their 20's now and he has been the best dad to them. he helped them with their homework, went to all of their school functions, bought them anything and everything they wanted. they both turned out pretty good and i am glad that they got so much good out of him. i just wish he could have been there for us. my brothers don't know anything about how we grew up and they can't understand why all of us have such strained relationships with him. the thing is he still doesn't try with any of us- it's like he really did give up and start over.

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i just want to give you a hug.

such sadness that your parents created in their lives and forced you and your siblings to endure. i seems so strange that adults aren't always living like adults. i wonder why people don't realize they create their experience. but it is sad that children aren't valued as they should, and this happens so much thru out the world.