The birthday has come and gone and the roses have faded but the memories have grown.  My husband and I met almost 25 years ago through unusual circumstances at the time, through a dating service.  No, it wasn't something online but a bit more archaic, an actual office dating service where I was a secretary/receptionist and he was a member.  I sent him a card showing interest.  He called to ask about the person on the card and, of course, got me directly on the phone.  Not what he expected and kind of put on the spot.  We set a date and met before to break the ice.  I thought he looked  like a preacher and he thought I looked like a rich snob.  We laugh to this day since I was wearing a homemade dress and payless shoes.  Since, he shared how many times he threw my card in the trash while singing a song with my name, only to retrieve it each time before finally getting up the courage to call the service to inquire about this person of interest.  One date is all it took and we dated non-stop until we were married 3 months later.  Now, 2 grown sons and 25 years of marriage later we will be celebrating our anniversary in a few months.  With all the trials thrown at us in life we feel like we have really accomplished something with our commitment and perseverance.  It was not always a bowl of roses but we were determined to last and made the compromises and sacrifices.  I can only hope we have been able to instill the same values and commitment in our sons and our legacy will carry on.  We wish them success.  In this crazy, mixed up world one can only hope.

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Thank-you so much. I appreciate it always.

What a beautiful story.

Thank-you. Our 25th anniversary is this month.

Now if You consider, You have in Living Your Life an enormous amount of probabilities, and possibilities, each one,should You have chosen it, would have taken you through a different experience. Considering this, I believe that You Guys were Supposed to Find Each Other at that point in time. You were being 'Guided' to find Each Other, And You did! Happy 25th Years Anniversary!

We are in it for the long haul. Know it was an unusual way to meet but one never knows where you might meet your soulmate. But if it were not for commitment and loyalty we might not have made it through some of the trials life has thrown at us.

thats great not the most common meeting place for such a successful marrige but definatlly the perfect place.<br />
may you and yours have the best of luck for the next 25. congrats

Yes, he does and you are fulfilling his purpose for you either married or not. Know you have friends who care in the meantime.

It always give me joy to hear the good stories of marriage. I lost the love of my life because he choose to not be faithful. Unfortunately for me, I have never found another that I believe I would love that way. Of course I realize he was not worthy of that love, but my heart still hurts at time. I am so grateful to know that God loves me enough to make up for the loss, and so much more!