Diaper Desires

I first realised I wanted to be diapered at the age of 5. My two brothers and I were living in a catholic boys home, at the time, and there were several other boys that wet the bed and were made to wear "Drypers", an all-in-one diaper and plastic pants set. This was in 1959. I wet the bed a few times, in hope of being diapered. This lasted about 6 months, untill peer pressure (teasing), convinced me to try and be dry. I experimented with diapers all through my teens, but never really used them full time untill I was in my late twentys. All this time, I was completely unaware that there were others like me. As I have grown older and discovered the AB/DL world, I have felt more secure about wearing diapers. I have been wearing them 24/7 for about 9 yrs, now. I now have urge incontinence and enurisis, so have stopped trying to hide this aspect of my life. All of my family is aware and a lot of my friends now know. The world did not stop when I explained to my family/friends that I wore. Most are, if not enthusiastic, at least supportive. One plus note is that I now live with my older brother and he is also a diaper enthusiast. We both wear openly around each other. Hope this helps others who wrestle with this delimma.

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I also have the goal of being incontinent at the moment. Can you support me doing this?

Did your u8rge incontinence and enurisis happen as a result of your diaper wearing?