My Little One Was Gone

a long time ago and I just can't get over it. I found her on the middle of the street, soaking wet during a huge storm, brought her home and started taking care of her. One week after I took her to the vet to check her health ( I really wasn't expecting it to be 100% considering that she was a homeless dog) and the results, well you know. She had every imaginable parasite on her, which needed to be treated first. It was a race against the clock. We stayed together for maybe one month, ( and she had the chance to go to the beach with me=) but than the parvo was discovered and took over, and in a couple of days it was downhill. The vet was keeping her on so many drugs, and she was basically just hanging in there. It was a friday, I had to go to work and had my neighboor to watch her while I was out. She basically slept trough the day because of the drugs she was on, but as I got home she woke up and started having horrible convulsions. I was panicking and so scared by her and all I could do was to hold her in my arms to not let her fell alone. A friend of mine came over and we drove to the vet. The only thing that the vet said he could do at this point was to put her to sleep. I really didn't want to, because I still kinda had some hope, who knows a miracle could happen over night and she would wake up great. So i told him to just give her some medicine to help her go trough the night without convulsions again and he did. He shaved her tinny leg, already so beat up of so many shots and gave her some med. I covered her with her blanket and was going to pay the bill and go home and care for my little one for one more night, when all the sudden it was like her weight was gone, and her head fell over my arm, and I could hear her last breath. She was gone on my arms!
That was so painfull. I saved her from that storm but not from parvo.
My friend said that she hold on in there that whole day, because she wanted to say good bye when I arrived from work...maybe...
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26-30, F
May 13, 2012