Dreams…what can we say about it. Sometimes we don’t remember them anymore but sometimes we do remember them. They can have a meaning or they can just be thoughts who present itself in a kind of way in your dream. Personally I love dreaming, it is my world and even with Lucid dreaming I can do what I want.
Firstly I need to tell something before I go to the point where this post is about. In 2005 a tv series came out. I never thought it been such an important part of my life. For almost ten years I’m enjoying it now. Sometimes more than other times, but still the story has a place in my heart. Not only the story but certainly also the characters. So there is one female character who is very special to me. She is fictional but still is very important. It’s Mai from Avatar.
A few days ago I had this dream . I was standing on a beach and it was midnight. I was just standing there didn’t know why but a few moments later I recognized that she was standing next to me. She was just standing really close and I knew it was a dream. Maybe I was lucid dreaming. But she looked at me all of a sudden and I knew it was her, Mai. She was only smiling but without she said something I felt that she would always be at my side. Like should would always be there. That was strange, I really felt that on that moment during the dream. It was certainly the most beautiful dream I’ve ever had.
Lordmistery Lordmistery
22-25, M
Jul 10, 2014