So I know I've written my story twice but my friend now just told me what really happened (they lied because they thought I would be mad)...

Ok so I am in grade 7, so are my three best friends. My friend has a brother in grade 9. Well her brother...  I don't want to say in love with him put I'm just about there. He's 2 years older than me, and I've liked him for 5 months on and off and it's been on for 3 months out of the 5 now and I am so stuck with it and I am pretty sure it's not going to ever be off... Well one day two of my friends were hanging out and they told him... FLAT OUT TOLD HIM! Well I was kinda happy that he knew but they told me "they left Facebook open and he read a message" I knew that sounded nothing like anything he would ever do and they said it said 'things' that I don't remember saying. Well so they actually told him and so now he knows and it's kinda embarrassing but I'm happy he knows... well anywise they said stuff like... "She wants to loose her virginity to you" wich I really never said and never thought about but they told me he smiled then that said "kidding" and apparently he looked disappointed... and they asked him stuff like... "Would she have a chance if she were in high school too" and he said "a better chance" and that completely depressed me cuz I still have like a year and a bit to go and he still didn't say I would have a good chance... and they said would you rather have ;) with her now or never ;) ever with anyone" (I don't know why they think so wrongly like that... I kinda do but I'm not that bad...) and he said now but I think it's just because no one wants to stay a vergin for life... but anywise it's been like almost 3 months now and I haven't talked to him since (we never talked much before) and my friend tells me sometimes he says stuff like "why does she like me" or "How long has she liked me" and stuff like that... over the weekend I had a sleepover with two of my friends and I said how do I talk to him? to them and my one friend (she was just tired) she got all mad and was like do you know how popular he is he's never going to go for someone younger someone who's no longer popular one of his sister's friends someone like you... I was crying almost all night and my other friend stayed up with me... Now my one friend (who's brother I like) was like your coming over this weekend... so I'm like fine but no locking me alone in a room with him... (I had a dream where that happened... not good... I'm really shy) and they are going to do it now... so I need help with a few things... if they do that and lock me in a room with him... what do I do what do I talk to him about? and if they don't then where do I go then what do I do! please help me. I'm not even sure if he knows that I know that He knows... if that makes any sense but please help me XoXo
Schileur Schileur
13-15, F
Jan 17, 2012