A Couple Nights Ago..

I had a dream thati was some kind of prophetic human, only i had magic. Kinda like Jesus in girl form. And i went to school like everyone else. ONly, i had a mentor after school to help with my magic. And then one day i walked home with my friend Holly And my ex boyfriend Coltyn, And when i got home my mentor was waiting in the backyard for me, which i guess was really unusual. And when i asked him why he came early he said that "It was time again." And somehow i knew what it meant and started busting out crying. And i knew in my head that i was going to be pregnant? And i was the same age as i am now, in middle school, and i realised i was going to have to have i guess our gods child? And then the next day i went to school and everyone kepy asking if i was prego and i said no do i look like i am? (figurin gits only been a day i wont show yet) And i lifted up my shirt and my belly was already in 5 month mode. It was pretty big. I started crying and hhid in the bathroom. Bbut after that i loved the baby. I would talk to it and i would rub my stomach. And then, i woke up. But all the next day i guess the dream was so real for me that the next day i kept having to remind myself i wasnt pregnant. It was so realistic. And in my dream i kept thinkhing i had had a son before and he was a great ruler, i remember i kept hoping this baby wil be as great as his brother. It was like i was a reincaarnated Mary. It was weird.
LoneWolfGirl14 LoneWolfGirl14
Jul 20, 2010