Zombie Tyranny

I had a dream where cannibalistic zombies, who could talk & think like living people but still half decayed, were in control of society. The living lived in hiding & press gangs of zombies would round them up for "farms".

I was living with other survivors in this huge ragged hotel, with these long balconies that stretch across an entire side of the building, linking the rooms on that level together.

A zombie patrol manages to break into my suite & spot a boy, but not me. I manage to tip something over, (possibly a bookcase) to block their path, then I grab the boy & we start running. We crawl across the balcony to a suite at the end nearest the stairwell, then lock the french doors. The zombies have followed us and as we're breaking out to the stairwell they start taunting that there's no way we can escape, that the world is being made into a better place & we should accept our place in it.

I'm panicked and frustrated at their jibes, but eventually manage to run upstairs & lock ourself in another suite.

However, the people on that floor are angry that we've given their location away. When we look out the windows, more zombies in jeeps are turning up, and I feel despair that there's no where safe to escape too.

Then I woke up still feeling a bit jittery. I've had other zombie dreams, but this one was particually depressing...

MadaManga MadaManga
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

sounds like the normal American life nowadays.....lol(actually it's true enough to not be funny...)