Just A Weird Dream

i had a dream that my horse broke his leg trying to jump a wall as he was trying to run away from me, in the dream he broke his leg so badly that he had to be put down. i had a friend with me there (not my bff just a normal friend) because i wanted to show off my beautiful horse. somehow she was holding me back when the vet came to put him down she finally let me go when he was dead, i wanted to die with my horse as i was holding his head in my arms. she pulled me away from my horse and yelled my bffs name to me and she said to me what about your bff and i walked away leaving my horse there dead and like he didnt mean anything to me anymore, then i woke up crying....

can anyone please tell me what this means? please i would really like to know why i had this dream because its not the first and i want these dreams to end.
janeke janeke
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012