My Violent Dreams

I dream of violence and murder at least once a week. I have no problem with violence, and I have come to enjoy my violent dreams. This latest one though was beyond anything I have ever seen before.
I don't remember much about how it all came together, but I was in a huge warehouse, and I was being persued by a number of people who used to bully me in high school. I haven't thought about any of these creeps in a very long time, so it's strange that it would be them. They cornered me, and I just lost it. I started tearing in to them, hitting them repeatedly. The level of violence escalated when I started using weapons and tools. I started bashing their heads in with poles, and ripping their limbs off with my bare hands. For some reason they didn't die, they just kept coming. After a while, their bodies were of very little use to them, but they still moved around. I then skinned them with various tools, leaving chunks of flesh and an unimaginable amount of blood all over the place. Their bodies were so deformed that you could hardly make out their human shape anymore. Their skulls were deformed, with no skin left anywhere, and some of their eyes were dangling on their cheeks. Pieces of bone protruded through their flesh, but they still kept limping and crawling towards me. By this time I had realized I was dreaming, and was more than just a little freaked out. I managed to wake myself up. I don't usually do that, no matter what the dream, but this was simply too much
TCat TCat
26-30, M
Jul 3, 2007