my dream was about a war so im not sure if thats really considered murder. i guess its just based on peoples opinions. also im not exactly sure how many people i killed in this dream. at least 3.

anyway, it was all like a video game. it was set in this massive green cube with no ceiling. the dimensions were probably 150 ft. by 150 ft. by 75 ft. the cube was cut in half and each half had their own teams, the red shirt team, and the green shirt team. i was a greenshirt. each team had a ledge on their wall bout 50 feet up that served as a base (it was very thin though, probably only 6 ft. wide). there was cover on the ground to hide behind and everyone made good use of it. the teams had about 100 people on each side.

ok, the setting is out of the way. so all i really remember about the dream was that i was a sniper, shooting some people. then i saw through my scope a rival girl, probably 50 ft. out, also a sniper. she seemed familiar to me. like someone i once knew. she must have seen me and took a shoot. it went right past my head and i returned fire, hitting her right in the head.

the rest of the dream is blurry. the part that i remember the most, was that my team, the green team, retreated to our cube wall ledge. by that time our numbers dwindled to bout 20 and they remained at a strong 50. our whole army somehow fit on the ledge 50 ft. now this is what really amazed me.

i fit a bayonet on my sniper rifle (doesnt make to much sense) and jumped off the ledge. i didnt feel much of an impact landing. it was like jumping 5 ft. down. so i bonzai charge at the army. that was the end of the dream.

i might have been trying to convice my army to fight back by me doing the bonzai charge, but i dont rmember if there was anyone actually following me. the dream ended with kindof a portrait of me running with this sniper rifle with a bayonet on it toward this other army who for some reason also fixed bayonets was running toward me. it was an interesting picture. literally, it was a portrait.

so to conclude this story, im probably playing too many video games. it was fun though.... i think i almost enjoyed shooting the familiar person......

ok, im done rambling. please comment.

ninja ninja
18-21, M
Jan 10, 2007