Milk & Running..

I don't know which came first but I assume the milk. I could see this tall glass of milk and was so thirsty but couldn't drink it for some reason. I was kind of awake and thought about going to get me some milk from the kitchen but drank some water I had close by instead. Next I dreamed that I was walking home with my boyfriend. He started running we were at my house already, it was different, like the nicer neighborhoods, anyway and all of a sudden he ran through the house and took off in a car. He was sort of laughing at me. Then I see police going after him. I guess he was going too fast. Then I go to the front of the house. A bunch of friends were there and I was trying to make them remember me. They were having a hard time remembering me when I or they showed me a pillow to try to remember. Some remembered, others didn't. It was a confusing dream...
LaIntocable LaIntocable
18-21, F
May 14, 2012