What Could It Mean

my father passed away on 1/10/13.... one of the last talks we had he begged me not to mess up any more i had been getting into alot of trouble and in and out of lock up. todays 1/14/13... todays the veiwing... i had a dream we were out on the ocean.. some how i kept ending up in the water the first time one shark came my dad yelled at me to get out of the water. after that once again i was in the water now there was two sharks i dont know how i end up getting rid of one my self and crawling out onto the shore where my dad was... i thought i was safe then the shark turned into a wolf.. this time my dad had to help me and kept me safe from the wolf... i would like to know if any one could help me figure out what that means
dlombardo dlombardo
Jan 14, 2013