Time Warp

I had a dream last night, and it was very realistic. I don't think my mind is quite brilliant enough to come up with such a brilliant tale on its own.....people speak of having dreams of having "past life experiences". i always wanted to see proof of those, and now I'm thinking, maybe I have.

In my dream, we were in a different time period. I want to say somewhere between the 1930's-'45. In the dream, I was either someone who was or had once been a nurse, or maybe someone who just cared a lot for other people. In my dream, there was a feeling of panic, and there was some sort of riot going on in the streets. I don't remember the exact details, but I remember saving a boy who seemed of my own age in the dream (in the dream I was not myself, and I seemed to be in my early twenties) from some sort of unfortunate fate out in the street, pulling him from danger. he was one of the lless fortunate, and in a rush I took a liking to him and told him I had a house in America, and that he was welcome to come esccape his poverty for me. Then, all of the sudden, I think there was an air raid, or some kind of chaotic event that I have not actually experienced before, and he started running, but as he was running, he shouted out places I could find him to get in contact with him. The places he shouted out were places I've never even heard before, but are definitely real, because I googled them when I woke up, and they were lengthy adresses and were in Southern France. In the last few seconds of the dream I felt a sense of urgency, as if it were very very crucial for me to remember these adresses. Then I woke up. I just found this dream really extraordinary and unexplainable, I don't understand how my mind could have invented such an absurd dream, but maybe it's a sign of some kind.

falllingawake falllingawake
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010