One Weird Amusement Park

I dreamed I was in a large, empty room, with black walls that had big black panels on them that would slide to show clothes, or sometimes random items (storage panel?). I believe it was some kind of store that was either closed or abandoned recently. My dad and my younger brother were playing frisbee when the elevator came down. My older brother and his friend Kenny were in there. It got halfway down, then got stuck. My dad called security to help him out.

Suddenly, I was inside the elevator. It starts falling, fast! We are three floors up and approaching the bottom fast. It turns out that the way we are standing in the elevator affects how fast it falls, and I manage to get into a position so that it slows our decent. We reach the basement, and everyone is okay.

Oddly, the basement looks like the inside of a giant fish, and I get the feeling that it's a carnival ride (one that isn't functioning at the moment). That's when I noticed the giant security camera. I try not to move, because it senses movement. I was shaking too hard, though, and it turns to face me. Then the security guy comes down to see if we're all right. He takes the giant camera, operating it like it's a big theater light. He presses a button, and it's emitting purple-pink light while making white dots dance around the room (like a disco ball). Everything checks out. We exit through a back door.

I'm at an amusement park. Or, rather, I'm on the outside of an amusement park. There's a toy train called the AK-247 that normal-sized people can go inside. I ride it until I see a cool water ride I want to go on. We get off, and my older brother and his friend go off together, but I don't mind. I stand patiently in line, chatting with a young black boy.

The dream ends as I go off with the boy to ride the train again...

I have such strange dreams.

scarletwolf963 scarletwolf963
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010